The best way to tell you what INSTIGATOR is, is to tell you what it's NOT!


Instigator Magazine is NOT:

  • A quasi-queer, mainstream gay publication for twinks. That's right... We aim to shoot your wads past the traditional and into the NEW territories you deserve to explore!
  • “All-inclusive.” All encompassing... homogenized... gentrified... g/l/b/t/w/x/y/z fetish community oriented. Simply put, this is a ‘guy's 'zine.’ ...Don't read anything else into it.
  • Another “Leather Community” rag. We promise to cover the ‘Hard Scene’ ...not the social one.
  • Mindless entertainment... Scratch that. It's ALL mindless entertainment!
  • Politically correct. Yep... We are out to rock the boat, stir the shit, assault your brain, and GET YOU OFF. Period. We refuse to baby-sit your asses, 'cuz last time we checked, you were responsible enough to drive, vote, drink & go to war. But hey, ...Not to worry! Uncle Sam and a bevy of self-appointed gay ‘leaders’ have that job covered and are quite proficient at telling you EXACTLY how to act and what you shouldn't be doing with that HOT pigfuck you just met. ...And you can't call yourself an upstanding sexual deviant without ‘rules & regulations!’ Sure, we will attempt some vague notion of responsibility from time to time (we're not total jack-asses).

However, we aren't here to sugarcoat our sex for the sake of social acceptance either. We are the NEW generation of HARD-CORE/KINK players; and, though we tip our gasmasks off to those sik fuks who came before us, we are those once stalked streets and seedy back alleyways as our own... & doing it with our own style. It's time to reclaim our roles in the forgotten “TRIBE” of edge-playing homo males, and cum out with our guns greased & our perverted minds proud.

Yes, we are respectful towards those degenerates in other tribes. In fact, we totally DIG some of them. But, this magazine is not for them. It is for YOU, freak. You hot, twisted, daddy-fucker! For you leathered-up dogboys & sewer stompin' rubber pigs... For all you gut-punching, tattood muclefucks & sweat drippin' jocks... GOOD JOB. You FIST to the beat of a different DRUMMER... It's time you were given a mag that got your rocks off too!

This is YOUR magazine. Sure, we're doing it for our own ego-driven cocks, but it IS about you too, M8s! As such, besiege us with your letters, your stories of dank basements & bestial-like sessions, your piss-stained jockstraps, and your whorish on-line pickups, and we'll read 'em, sniff 'em, and trash 'em after we've shot our wads! If they have multi-cup potential...we'll toss them in a future issue. Who the hell knows?

The internet has reached a saturated peak, and nothing has that coffee table raunch-appeal for that trick sitting on your couch—while you do that last butt douche—than a HOT rag with HORNY shit. Read on...

We're out to BLOW your mind... as well as your load.

~Thorn // Editor in Chief