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We have recently experienced significant issues with our Wells Fargo business account and Merchant Processing Service. Until we can resolve this matter and put a suitable substitute in place, ALL ORDERS/PAYMENTS can be placed using Square Cash. Just go to$instigator. Enter the TOTAL amount of your order and give us your LAST NAME and the issue(s) you want. Then email us at with your NAME and SHIPPING ADDRESS.

We'll pay the postage!

Price $12.95
5-Issue Subscriptions
Each glossy, high-quality publication is produced with a beautiful finish and cum fucking presentation.† Every issue ranges in pages numbers, but you can expect enough to keep your dick wet for a long read! Need to order by mail? Click here to jump to the bottom of the page for mail order information. Instigator Magazine is more akin to an "anthology" than a quarterly publication.† Although we aim for a NEW release every 3 months, it occasionally takes longer. (Guns & Roses took 6 years to put out their last album. We're anal retentive queer dudes with day jobs and NO major record label supporting us... so be patient!) International Subscriptions are available to customers in Australia & the EU only.† Single Back Issues are available WORLDWIDE (please check your local laws). Australian customers may order direct from our friends at Eagle Leather or Mannhaus.
North America
U.S. and CANADA Price $59.00
Australia and Europe Price $71.00


Single Issues
Issue 20
Issue 25 Price $12.95
Issue 20
Issue 24 Price $12.95
Issue 20
Issue 23 Price $12.95
Issue 20
Issue 22 Price $12.95
Issue 20
Issue 21
Sold Out
Issue 20
Issue 20 Price $12.95
Issue 19
Issue 19
Cover Issue 18
Issue 18
Cover Issue 17
Issue 17 $35.00
Cover Issue 16
Issue 16
Cover Issue 15
Issue 15
Cover Issue 14
Issue 14
Cover Issue 13
Issue 13
Cover Issue 12
Issue 12
Cover Issue 11
Issue 11
Cover Issue 10
Issue 10
Cover Issue 9
Issue 9
Price $45.00
Cover Issue 8
Issue 8
Price $30.00
Cover Issue 7
Issue 7
Sold Out
Cover Issue 6
Issue 6
Price $30.00
Cover Issue 5
Issue 5
Sold Out
Cover Issue 4
Issue 4
Price $35.00
Cover Issue 3
Issue 3
Price $20.00
Cover Issue 2
Issue 2
Sold Out
Cover Issue 1
Issue 1
Sold Out
Pre-Sub Price $10.00
New PUMP Fiction!
Price $14.95
Price $14.95

To Order by Mail...
To order by mail, download this pdf form, follow the instructions and mail it in! All issues are shipped inside a white envelope to assure privacy.