We know we're not the only freaking pigs out there, so grab your 15 minutes of fame and contribute pics and stories to Instigator Magazine and we'll see if you get our dicks hard. If you do, hey, you're in! Seriously, we're always looking for solid material and would be more than happy to consider what ya got.

We're looking for reporters to conduct interviews, investigative reporting on events and individuals associated with the scene. Got an idea? E-mail us from the contact link.

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Consent to Publish Release

Yeah sure, everybody thinks they're a porno writer. If you KNOW your shit is good, send us a sample! Submissions should be no longer then 3-5 pages in 12 point Arial in Word or text formats. If your smut is outstanding, we can always hit you up for Part 2! Your work cannot be previously published since we are looking for fresh work only. Got good fiction?

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Photo Release
How twisted are you! Are you a true instigator...part of the hard scene? Over 21 years of age? Prove it. All photographs need to be accompanied with a signed release form and copy of your I.D. (scanned/faxed/mailed) to:

IXA media
8205 Santa Monica Blvd. #1-280
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Photo formats: Don't send us your cheesy pics taken with a cum-stained 1983 Kodak camera. Please provide a high resolution image (shot with 4 megapixel or greater) for best quality and acceptance. Instigator does not condone, nor accept any artwork showing animals, minors, insertion, or defication content.


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Model Release
Are you in or plan to travel to SF, LA, or NYC? Send us an advance pic (face/body) along with contact information to keep on file. As photo shoots come up that require a stud like you, we'll know how to reach you.